Saga of Sohier in Congo

Alice Ruggles Sohier: american painter artist born in 1880

Henry William Sohier: (Jersey) sculptor

Raymond Sohier: The Concept Sohier in kinesitherapy

Yann Sohier, breton militant

Constantin Sohier: noble in the Netherlands

Sohiers death for their country

The holders of the "Légion d'Honneur"

Elizabeth P. Sohier and the "first state library agency in the USA"

William Davies Sohier, a Lawyer of Beverly

Sohier de Courtray, Flemish gentleman

Sohier the messagiers van Gent

Arlette of Falaise

Hector Sohier, archictect of Caen

Sohier de la Pasture, prelate of the abbey Saint-Denis

Sohier, protestant martyr

Hébert Sohier, Pastor of Bolbec

Joseph Hyacinthe Sohier, bishop in Vietnam in the 19th century

Sohier the Courtroisien, architect of the 14th century

The Sohier in the archives of Caullery in 1648

The Sohier of Boston

Roland Sohier: Dutch painter artist

Jehan Sohier: artist-painter-glassmaker of the Cathedral Saint-Corentin of Quimper, Finistère

William "BILL" James Sohier: artisant of the Park Bill Sohier in Australia

The Sohier of Southampton coming from Valenciennes in the 16e century

Wesley Sohier founder of Marsoui in Gaspesie

Marie Sohier wife of David Desmarest

Ulrich Louis SOHIER painter of the XIX° century

A colonel heros of war 14/18

Charles Sohier généalogiste et enlumineur du Roy

Arthur Sohier chantre of Boninne

Martijn Sohier trombonist

A murdere of Malonne (Belgium) in 1787

Sohier and the Marquis de Sade

Sohier le Panetier of Valenciennes

Adrien Sohier Prefect of Loir et Cher

Mathieu (Mathias) Sohier, Maître de Chapelle de la Cathédrale de Paris (15e siècle)

A sohier sentenced to convict Prison

Sohier participating in the American war, 1778-1783

Octave Sohier, officer of the Congolese Force Publique

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