Origin of name SOHIER

Name of latinized germanic (probably Wisigoth)
origine "Sigi-hari" (sig=victory+hari=army)
and more generally "VICTORIOUS"

Corresponds in theory in the name of anybody of Germanic origin Seiger or Zeger

Note: Of German origin, at the time in Latin: Sicherus, Sigerus, Soherus.. Séguier is already a transformation!

In France, Sohier was first a first name before to become a name and sometimes a first name.
The name probably comes from Pierre de Vermandois nicknamed "SOHIER", ie "VICTORIEUX"
(circa 1030)
As is often practiced at the time in several large families in France, this nickname was converted into a hereditary name to his descendants, in memory and in honor of his ancestor by SOHIER "le Roux" of Vermandois
(1025 - 1097).

Land of the Lords of Vermandois is located in North-West of today France, and we find that almost all the Sohier throughout the world are from families who are between Brittany and the current Belgian Hainaut

In the Middle Ages, Sohier was a first name not very used in people, but in the nobility.

In the United States, it is sometimes given as a middle name in memory of the family name of an ancestor.

Franco-belgian Variante:Sohy, Soher, Sohier, Sohi,Sohijr,Sohir,Soy,Saey,Soyer,Soyez
(Concerning the orthography, SOYER and SOHIER are ultimately the same patronym. On the same act the officiant writes SOHIER in the same way certain applicants not knowing to write the officiant always signs SOHIER, but the witnesses or applicants sign SOYER, SOYE, SOYET)

Flemish Variante: Segers, Seghers, with final s of filiation.
Segers, Seghers Flemish Variante of the name Séguier, with final S of filiation.
(One meets also frequently, with the same sense, the patronymic Zegers, Zeggers
The administration of the Count de Flandres proceeded in French, whereas the administration of the cities proceeded in Flemish this have for consequence which the names were also translated into two languages. Thus "Sohier the messagiers" is also mentioned like "Seger de Messagier".)

Saxo-english Variante: Following the english pronunciation the name sometime become SAWYER

In Correze: in the patois of Correze a "SOCHIER" is a shoemaker

in Arabic language, Sohier is a first name which has likely not the same origin like in west countries


It is usually a variant of Sohier, personal name of Germanic origin (see Séguier for directions). In some cases, however, a trade name, variant Soyeur, silky (= pitsawyers), or laborer working silk. The name is found mainly in Belgium, in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais and the Somme.

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